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Posted by admin on August 28, 2007

Welcome to the VSA blog!!!

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     Welcome to the Virtual Sports Academy blog. 

     The Virtual Sports Academy ( is your place for FREE, on-line sports and nutrition instruction.  Again, all of this information is FREE!!!  VSA is here to help YOU get healthy.

     No longer will you have to wonder and worry about how to stay healthy and in shape. No longer will you have an excuse for not being as healthy and active as you want to be. No longer will your parents have to pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars to send you to sports camps. VSA is bringing sports instruction to you. Virtual Sports Academy ( is here. And, again, it’s FREE!

     Watch your instructional videos on your computer, or download your videos to your portable video device and take them with you. To the court, to the field, to the gym, to wherever, through Virtual Sports Academy, you’re literally “putting the professionals in your pocket.”

     We created the VSA blog as a place where people of all ages can come and discuss their individual battles with obesity.  We are hoping that people will come to this blog and discuss the keys to their victories… and the blunders that led to their defeats… in this on-going fight to stay healthy and in shape.   And, we are hoping that people come to to get the knowledge and advice that they need to help them in their fight to get fit.

     Again, welcome to your Virtual Sports Academy blog.

     Let’s get and stay healthy together!!!

      Will Jones, President, Virtual Sports Academy

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One Response to “Welcome to the VSA blog!!!”

  1. In a 2004 Position Statement of the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, it states that “Children should accumulate at least 60 minutes, and up to several hours, of age-appropriate physical activity on all, or most days of the week.” According to Denver Public Schools, for more than a decade, physical education time has decreased for its nearly 75,000 students by an average of 40 minutes per week. Denver Public Schools does not require schools to teach physical education. The State of Colorado does not require schools to teach physical education. Because many schools in the Denver Metro Area cannot provide quality physical education activities, the VSA Childhood Obesity Prevention Initiative brings physical education and its experiential learning benefits directly to the school computers, library computers, and home computers of young people.
    In early 2006, the Virtual Sports Academy (VSA) was formed with the mission of creating and offering free, computer-based fitness and nutrition instruction and guidance. In early 2009, the Internal Revenue Service recognized VSA as a 501(c)(3) entity formed for exclusively charitable and educational purposes.
    Specifically, VSA educates the general public about heath, fitness, and sports training through creating and providing professional sports training information and products at no cost to people of all income levels. All of the high quality, computer-based sports and nutrition instruction is available to the public at no charge on the Virtual Sports Academy’s Web site Young people can access this information through home computers, school computers, library computers, etc. and download the content to portable electronic devices.
    Other educational events of the VSA Childhood Obesity Prevention Initiative in the planning stages include a free Fitness Open House to be held initially in Denver, with others to follow regionally and nationwide, the production and distribution of DVDs and VHS tapes demonstrating a variety of sports training and nutrition options, and collaborations with like-minded groups, entities, and organizations. Each VSA Fitness Open House will be free and open and available to the public.

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