Working to end childhood obesity through exercise and nutrition
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VSA is working with volunteer kids who want to improve their skills, lose weight, and work with our professionals. We are going to highlight one of these great kids in VSA-TV debuting this Fall.


*How do I get started?

Getting started with Virtual Sports Academy is easy. And, IT'S FREE! Simply click on your favorite sport or area of interest. Next, select the topic you want to learn more about. Then, chose the video that suits your needs. Watch your video on your computer, or download your videos to your portable video device and take it with you. Through VSA, you are literally "putting the professionals in your pocket."

*Can I submit video of myself for
VSA fitness professionals to evaluate?

Absolutely. Virtual Sport Academy is here not only to provide general fitness and nutrition information. VSA's fitness and nutrition professionals are here to answer your individual questions through e-mail or video uploads as well.


*How much does VSA Training cost?

NOTHING! All users have FREE access to our fitness and nutrition information with thousands of like-minded young people looking to better their health and fitness.


*Can I use Virtual Sports Academy
if I live outside the United States?

Yes. VSA is an international service.


*How are VSA's fitness routines created?

Virtual Sports Academy has assembled a world-class group of fitness and nutrition professionals who have one common goal: eliminating childhood obesity in the United States. All of our instructional videos are based on sound principles from our elite athletes, personal trainers, and nutrition experts. By combining the latest technologies with superior personal service, VSA gives you the techniques to help you to reach your fitness goals.


*Who are the Virtual Sports Academy
workouts and routines designed for?

VSA workouts and training is focused on teenagers and young adults. Nonetheless, the instructional videos created by Virtual Sports Academy are suitable for almost any user. Each training or fitness routine can be supplemented or overridden by custom routines from existing personal trainers or coaches.


*What is VSA training?

Virtual Sports Academy uses tried and tested knowledge from our team of world class athletes, personal trainers, and nutrition experts to give young people the information they need to help achieve their fitness and sports instruction goals. Again, it's all FREE! Users just click on their favorite sport or area of interest, select the topic they want to learn more about, and chose the video that suits their needs. Users can then watch the instructional video on their computer, or download the videos to their portable video devices and take the videos with them.


*Why VSA?

Virtual Sports Academy offers world class service from fitness and nutrition experts and personal trainers. Our goal is to offer the best personal training service to each and every user.



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