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Everyday Hero Housing Assistance Fund Partners with the Virtual Sports Academy (VSA) - May 16, 2011 - Through Everyday Hero Housing Assistance Fund (EHHAF), The Virtual Sports Academy (VSA) is working to promote and assist home ownership in an effort to create strong, vibrant communities for our everyday heroes by inspiring lifestyle choices that encourage health and promote healthy neighborhoods and schools.

The Virtual Sports Academy (VSA), a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, was formed in 2006 for exclusively charitable and educational purposes. The Virtual Sports Academy educates the general public about health, fitness, and sports training through creating and providing professional sports training information and products at no cost to people of all income levels.

The staff of VSA has developed the Web site for young people who desire to lose weight and maintain healthy lifestyles. Users have free access to computer-based sports training and nutrition videos. The Virtual Sports Academy is planning events including free VSA public Fitness Open House events where VSA staff members and volunteers will provide free sporting equipment to young people. The Virtual Sports Academy produces and distributes DVDs demonstrating a variety of sports training and nutrition options. VSA is also collaborating with like-minded groups, entities, and organizations. Through these efforts, the Virtual Sports Academy is educating the public on subjects useful to the individual and beneficial to the community.

“Health is the foundation for quality of life,” says Will Jones, President and CEO of The Virtual Sports Academy. “As EHAF and MHAF work to provide homes in vibrant American neighborhoods, VSA is working to provide opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity in these communities. The combined efforts of these three organizations encourage the people who live there to embrace a tradition of health and wellness, which, in turn, improves quality of life in each neighborhood. It’s a perfect alliance.”

Why the Partnership between MHAF, EHHAF and VSA Works The pride and joy of America’s cities are built upon the strength and vitality of our neighborhoods. Both the Everyday Hero Housing Assistance Fund (EHHAF) and the Military Housing Assistance Fund (MHAF) are working to create strong, vibrant communities for our military and everyday heroes. The Virtual Sports Academy (VSA) is doing the same thing by inspiring lifestyle choices that encourage health and promote healthy neighborhoods and schools. Working together, all three organizations are making America a better country.

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Childhood Obesity Has a New, High-Tech Foe
Denver, Colorado - May 10, 2007 - Virtual Sports Academy, Inc. (VSA) is creating and providing FREE, computer-based, professional sports training and nutrition information for young people. Kids can access and watch instructional videos on their computers AT NO COST. They can also download videos to portable electronic devices, such as Sony’s PSP and Apple’s ipod. In essence, young consumers can, literally, have professional sports instructors and nutrition experts in their back pockets.

“We created VSA in response to the childhood obesity epidemic in the United States,” saysVirtual Sports Academy President Will Jones. “A lot of young people can benefit from professional sports and nutrition instruction. But, many can’t afford it. We don’t believe that our kids should have to spend lots of money in order to be healthy, active, and less likely to experience sicknesses, like adult-onset diabetes. That’s why the information is ABSOLUTELY FREE.”

Virtual Sports Academy’s mission is to become the worldwide leader in on-line sports training, and has assembled a team of experienced videographers, seasoned coaches/teachers, and world-class athletes to produce content. VSA's purpose is to provide high-quality sports instruction AT NO COST to people of all income levels.

About Virtual Sports Academy

Virtual Sports Academy is “putting the professionals in your pocket”. VSA was created to help fight the childhood obesity epidemic in the United States by providing FREE professional sports instruction and nutrition information. Virtual Sports Academy has assembled an international team of sports and nutrition professionals, including National Soccer Hall of Fame member, Marcelo Balboa, Denver Nuggets Strength and Conditioning Coach, Steve Hess, and Nuggets, Colorado Rockies, and Los Angeles Clippers Nutritionist Michael Osterman, to help in the mission of the company. also educates parents on how to assist children in healthy eating and exercise habits. VSA not only gives kids fitness options, but also provides healthy food selection and healthy cooking options for parents of those kids.

And, again, the information on is FREE!

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