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About VSA

Partnering to build a world where all children are healthy, active and strong.

“We created VSA in response to the childhood obesity epidemic in the United States,” says Virtual Sports Academy president Will Jones. “A lot of young people can benefit from professional sports and nutrition instruction. But, many can’t afford it. We don’t believe that our kids should have to spend lots of money in order to be healthy, active, and less likely to experience sicknesses, like adult-onset diabetes. That’s why the information at is ABSOLUTELY FREE.”

The Virtual Sports Academy blog was created to help fight the childhood obesity epidemic in the United States by providing a forum for discussion where people can vent, exchange ideas, learn from one another’s mistakes, and just chat.

Hopefully, all of the young people in the country can use this site to help get and stay healthy.

Photo on the left: The Joneses
Photo on the right: Will Jones, former college football player



— Produce Videos

We created and developed VSA because we know that fitness for young people does not have to be expensive to be effective. Our team has created these workout videos for you. There’s no “tough love.” There’s no “rah-rah” cheerleading. Our instructors give you the information. It’s up to you to use it. And, our videos are FREE!


— We Build Networks

Our team at VSA came together for one reason: to help young people get healthy and stay healthy. Our network of fitness professionals are here for you. Consider us part of your team as we work together to help you accomplish your fitness goals.


— We Strengthen

The fitness pros at the Virtual Sports Academy are here to help you have fun as you burn calories, learn new sports techniques and get stronger at your game.


— We Educate

Fans of our videos tell us they enjoy the calm, steady pace that our fitness professionals provide their tried-and-true guidance. We work to ensure that you always learn something new every time you watch a VSA training video.


— We Share

The Virtual Sports Academy provides common sense methods, advice and guidance from wellness coaches, trainers and instructors. Each professional shares what they know to be effective. No matter which videos you choose, expect to have fun, expect to learn something new and expect to sweat.


— We Consult

One of the challenges of getting and staying fit is that it can often be a very personal mission… a mission filled with ups and downs. One of the beauties of the Virtual Sports Academy is that we respect your fitness journey. Our videos provide private consultations for you to enjoy at your home, on a pitch, on a court… it’s all up to you.


Sarah found self confidence on VSA.

“When I found out about these videos, I just looked at them. Then, I started trying to do the things in the boxing videos. I did push-ups, sit-ups and started pretend boxing with hand weights. Now, I’m in a boxing class. I feel stronger than ever. “

Jake is now a high school player.

“Some of these basketball drills are hard. At first, I almost gave up. But, I kept practicing. Now, the stuff that was hard is now easy. And, I’m getting a lot of playing time on my team.”


Everyday Hero Housing Assistance Fund and Military Housing Assistance Fund have partnered with The Virtual Sports Academy. Through the Everyday Hero Housing Assistance Fund and the Military Housing Assistance Fund, The Virtual Sports Academy is working to promote and assist home ownership in an effort to create strong, vibrant communities for our everyday heroes by inspiring lifestyle choices that encourage health and promote healthy neighborhoods and schools.


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